22 Mar 2014

Strengthening Market in 2014

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After years of average performance since 2008, this year saw the British property market roar back to life. According to Halifax, prices rose by 7.7 per cent across the country as a whole. In London, the figure was more than 10 per cent. Elsewhere, growth was not so strong – parts of the North and the West Country, in particular, might ask when this economic recovery is going to arrive. But in general, 2013 was a success story for British property. What will 2014 bring?
Instructions for surveys are continuing to rise each month as confidence in the market returns. Demand is currently outstripping supply and we are already seeing signs of gazumping. If you are considering a survey I recommend you call us as soon as possible in order that your instructions may be progressed quickly and efficiently by Rainfords Chartered Surveyors

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